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victron Shore Power Cordvictron power cord bag SHP302501500 Shore Power Cord 15m 16A
SHP302502500 Shore Power Cord 25m 16A
SHP304001500 Shore Power Cord 15m 32A
SHP304002500 Shore Power Cord 25m 32A
victron Power Inlet Stainless steel SHP301603000 Power Inlet 16A polyamid wth cover
SHP301602000 Power Inlet 16A stainless steel with cover
SHP303202000 Power Inlet 32A stainless steel with cover
victron Plug for Power Inlet SHP301604000 Plug 16A/250Vac (2p/3w) for Power Inlet 16A
SHP303204000 Plug 32A/250Vac (2p/3w) for Power Inlet 32A

victron Adapter Cord SHP307700280

SHP307700220 Adapter Cord 16A/250V Schuko/CEE
SHP307700260 Adapter Cord 16A/250V CEE/Schuko
SHP307700240 Splitter Cord 16A/250V CEE/2xCEE
SHP307700280 Adapter Cord 16A to 32A/250V CEE/CEE
SHP307700300 Adapter Cord 32A 3 phase to single phase