Established in 1924 in Milan, where it is still based, the story of Sironi Batteries coincides with the history of the automobile in Milan. It is a story of love that still maintains its initial spark and has endured for three generations. And it's one of passion, that insures all of Sironi Batteries' clients are fully served with utmost energy, professionalism and the most advanced battery technology.

The first brand to be represented by Sironi Batteries was Tudor, a major Italian firm operating from the port of Milan. Sironi and Tudor developed a quality relationship which quickly established Sironi Batteries in Milan as primary battery provider. During the difficult days of the WW ll and the postwar period, when there was a shortage of many prime materials, Sironi Batteries guaranteed the mobility of thousands of people by developing a high-performance, “regenerated” (renewed) battery of the finest quality.

The crafter was Franco Sironi, who initiated production of the battery for a special application to broaden the range of products offered at the time. And so it was: Sironi Batteries began to seek new horizons and to research how to meet the growing energy demands of the Milanese.

The choice to aim for highly-specialized personnel that would drive customers towards the most convenient solution for them, is still the ongoing Sironi philosophy which puts customer satisfaction first.

Today, Sironi Batteries adds to that spirit a growing international presence and offers a wide range of only the world's leading brands of rechargeable batteries, including accessories, from those first used in classic cars, to ones crafted for light electric equipment to those needed for the most power demanding machinery.

From traditional batteries using liquid electrolyte to sealed models, AGM and GEL batteries, Sironi product range includes batteries from just a few amps per hour, to 6-volt models 370 Ah and 12-volt batteries using 245 Ah. In different combinations, Nickel cadmium batteries are now even available.

During its long history, Sironi Batteries has accelerated the scope of specialization with diverse products of the highest quality for specialized applications. For people with a sailboat, an antique car, a machine battery powered, or for anyone working from an aerial platform or in need of reliable and abundant energy, Sironi Batteries provides the right solution at peak performance for the excellent quality/price ratio.

With more than three quarters of a century of experience behind them, Sironi Batteries still has a long story yet to be told. New pages will be written as they continue to feed their passions for the future research and development of the battery, all built upon an innovative spirit.

It's a story that will endear all clients, old and new, who want their personal demands met by caring people, with expert consultation and quality service.

It's the story of Sironi Batteries.